"Gold is Quiet Money"

It Leaves No Footprints or Trails To Follow

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FAQ's About Investing

Questions That You May Be Asking

  • Q. How do I obtain my Gold and Silver today?
    A. Since we are continually monitoring the market in order to get the best price possible you must call us right now. This enables us to welcome you personally and guide you in your investment strategy. Here is the number for you to call 828-505-1451. And as soon as your funds are received we will send you an invoice via email to recap your order which will include the best price we were able to secure for you.
  • Q. How will my precious metals be shipped and when will I receive them?
    A. Your metals are shipped via FedEx Overnight or Registered mail (USPS) to your specified address. You must personally sign for your package. Your investment is shipped in an expedited and timely fashion, usually within two to five days.
  • Q. Can I have Golden Lion Mint store my metals for me?
    A. Yes, for a small monthly fee we can make arrangements to have your investment securely stored for you for as long as you would like. (Sometimes it's even free!)
  • Q. Is there tax on the gold and silver I acquire?
    A. No.
  • Q. What if I decide I want to sell my gold and silver?
    A. Gold and Silver ARE Money! If for some reason you must sell your investment, please call us first for a buy back quote if you would like. Many of our clients find effortless ways to sell even before we give them a quote. So, rest assured the metals are extremely liquid and can be turned back into dollars very quickly.
Note: Once your funds are received and your order is fulfilled you own the gold or silver. This fulfillment occurs the day your funds clear and/or your wire is received, and we invest for you in alignment with the same day’s current market price. Obviously, markets move in both directions and we always endeavor to get you the lowest prices possible. However, once we make your purchase, you own the metal at that point. Any subsequent buy-backs will be based in accordance with the market price of the day you wish to sell--which may be higher or lower than the day you invested.